Nail Services

All Nail Technicians are individual contractors so prices will vary. Please call (303)703-1212 for more information.

Classic Manicure  Price: $22+

Classic Pedicure  Price: $30+

Combination (Classic)  Price: $45+

Shellac (Gel) Manicure   Price: $25+

Shellac (Gel) Pedicure   Price: $15+

French Manicure   Price: $30+

French Pedicure   Price: $40+

Pink / white nails   Price: $45+

Pink and White Full Set (Acrylics)   Price: $50+

Rebase   Price: $20+

Buff and polish   Price: $15+

The MAN-icure   Price: $20+

Sport Pedicure   Price: $30+

Acrylics   Price: $50+

French Polish   Price: $5+

Nail Repair   Price: $10+ per nail