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Angela McCorrison


“I am delighted with the services at Exquisite My skin care was amazing and Zerona really delivered. Sofiya is one of the nicest people! T helped me that I could place my confidence in her.”Angelamccorrison@comcast.net


“Fantastic place!  (some people complain about everything) as my experience here was truly EXQUISITE and I’m very satisfied with the service!  The staff is professional and friendly.  The atmosphere is relaxing and the salon is very clean.  Really enjoyed it and will be back again.  Well worth the trip!”





  • Jaleh B.

Denver, CO


“I love this place! The staff is friendly and the service is great!  I highly recommend the laser hair removal – Sofiya has done an amazing job with the treatments I have had so far.  It is an excellent salon, with very reasonable prices, and I would highly recommend visiting.”


“I work in healthcare so manicures never last, but Thanh did a new process and my nails have been beautiful for three weeks before needing a touch up.  Thank you!
I also had my teeth whitened by Sofiya.  This process made such a difference that I am thinking of joining the spa despite it’s being 29 miles from my home.

Don’t hesitate to visit for any of their treatments.  You will be pleased.”


“Fantastic place!  (some people complain about everything) as my experience here was truly EXQUISITE and I’m very satisfied with the service!  The staff is professional and friendly.  The atmosphere is relaxing and the salon is very clean.  Really enjoyed it and will be back again.  Well worth the trip!”

  Pam B


  • Paula B.

Littleton, CO


“I’d like everyone to know what a Blessing Exquisite Salon and Spa has been in my life.  It’s a miracle how my life has changed in the last 22 months since the death of my husband.  I was in really bad shape when I went in to ask about getting a massage.  I was suffering with excruciating pain.
They greeted me with caring concern and friendship – got me scheduled for a massage and the story continues.”

I never thought I would get a massage, let alone in such a huge beautiful setting.  What a gift, as time passed I signed up for a monthly service of my choice.  It’s cheaper than if you have 1 service at a time and I look so forward to being pampered every month.

I get a facial every month.  Each month I feel and am prettier – no joke you would be amazed if you could see the change that has taken place in my face and skin.  Sofia is a master at what she does and is always teaching me something I need to know and just doing something special before I even realize she is doing it.  Example, today she shaped my eye brows.  I didn’t ask her to she just saw it needed done and she blessed me by doing it.  Once after a facial she massaged the back of my neck and said, “You are too full of Stress” worked on my neck just a few minutes and I was so relaxed I could barely drive home.  I didn’t even know what a mess I was in but Sofia is just that good.

Over the months the friendships have grown stronger and I am healing in every way.  My self confidence has been nurtured and continues to bloom.  They have cheered me on and given me bits of wisdom as I have completed the loss of 100 pounds.
Then, when I could see my toes again I was so excited that I announce to myself I’m going to get those painted!
Tam has been doing my nails and toes for a few months now.  Not only is she precious and truly cares about her clients but she is so good at what she does!  Not only does she do a great job but she is so creative and every appointment comes up with a new idea to try on me.  I leave every time feeling gorgeous and Blessed!”



 Lynn S.

Littleton, CO


“subject: permanent makeup, Alyssa is a true artist and really knows what she is doing. I have new brows, eyes, and lips and they are fantastic! I am ready to go day or night. Have had so many compliments already, Love my new makeup. Lynn Strait”


  • DeAnn D.

Littleton, CO


“I have gone to this spa from the very beginning (opening).  I have always received wonderful treatment! The spa is spotless and clean every time I visit.  The facials and body treatments are great.  The facials are top notch. The owner knows skin inside and out.  I have had facials many times when I am out of town on vacation but am always disappointed.  Exquisite has the best skin care in Colorado!
DeAnn Denton”




  • Paula H.

Littleton, CO


“I have been going to Exquisite Salon for approx. 5 yrs. and you will never find a more knowledgeable and experienced person than Sophia, the owner, she is amazing!
I would also like to compliment two others: Wendy, who did my cut and color, and Alyssa, who did my permanent makeup.  They were both great!
I have had many services throughout these past years and all have been wonderful!
Paula Hazlett”


  • Nancy S.

Englewood, CO


“I have been to a LOT of spas and this is by far the best. The prices are much better than downtown and the services are just amazing. I love having a membership so I know that I’ll get a facial at least once a month (trust me, that all by itself is an incredible deal). And, omg…Sophia gives far more than just a so-so facial…I mean, there’s an entire ‘menu’ to choose from so depending on how my face ‘feels’ that day, I might get the ‘relax to the max’ or I might go for the ‘too much sun’ routine. Either way, I always leave feeling better than I came in and I really love the atmosphere there which is probably one of the most important things to me, personally. You know how you can just get a ‘bad vibe’ in some places…it doesn’t feel like that here at all…not hectic and stressed which again, I sometimes feel that way downtown (which I guess goes with the territory, eh). But I never feel like I’m in a snobbish shop and my gosh, it’s sparkling clean (I’m sorry but I don’t get you, Stacy…not sure how you can be so mean cuz to me this place looks cleaner than a hospital) but I mainly wanted to comment about the service…it’s just always been excellent!

I’ve had my membership for 4 months now and no matter what I want to schedule or how I want to utilize it; they fit me right in and do whatever it takes to please me that day! They even let me purchase a gift card from the Komen girl and use it as well which was really helpful when I got laid off in June.

As soon as budget permits I plan to do permanent makeup and CO2 fraction but that’s down the road;-).

Anyway, I’m a firm believer in ‘customer reviews’ and as for me, can’t say enough good things about it…love, love, love this place!”


  • Isabel K.

Boulder, CO


“I have been going to Exquisite for facials with the specialist Sofiya for a year now, and she has helped my skin so much. I had angry, problem skin infections on my cheeks and forehead. I had used Pro-Active and dermatologist prescriptions and nothing seemed to work. With Sofiya’s care and personalization with each monthly facial, my skin has finally calmed down and shows significant improvement. I had terrible acne scars as well as huge clusters of angry pimples and blackheads that Sofiya has COMPLETELY gotten rid of. (If I could insert a Before/After picture on Yelp, I would.) Sofiya even gave me tips on how to help my skin on a daily basis at home, also a huge help. Her kindness and care has really made every visit very enjoyable.

I am very happy with the quality of the salon. It is very clean, well presented, and classy. I would recommend the facial service to anyone who dreams of perfect skin, Sofiya will do wonders and help your dream come true! I return every month with my monthly membership, such a great deal for this high value salon. Every month I am so excited to return to Exquisite for my facial, I even make a special trip out from BOULDER. Love it! Thank you Exquisite Salon!”


·         Beverly C.

Denver, CO


“I have been having facials with Sophia for nearly 15 years and I have only positive experiences to report. She has warned me about two different spots on my face that needed to be seen by a doctor. Both times the doctor was concerned enough to take a biopsy. Both turned out okay, but having someone keeping a close eye on such things is comforting. Sophia never pushes product, but always has suggestions for taking care of my skin. The salon is always spotless and the staff friendly.”




  • Laura G.

Littleton, CO


“I always get my nails done at this salon. I do not trust anyone else except Thanh. She does such a beautiful and precise job on my acrylics. Other places are in a rush and can be quite rough. She always makes sure to pull back my skin and cuticles so I don’t get cut.  I also always have Terri do my pedicures. She spends the time to make sure they look good and also gives a very nice massage on my legs! Sofiya has been working wth me on my skin. I have had cystic acne and it’s very embarrassing. She has had me go to the dermatologist to get an antibiotic. She very carefully performs extractions to help get the infection out. My skin is looking so much better; I cannot wait for it to be completely healed! The employees at this place truly care about you and develop personal relationships with their clients. There is such a wide range of services that it might take me a couple years to get through them all! HIGHLY recommend.”


  • Sue M.

Littleton, CO


“My daughter has broken out and has had very bad reactions to OTHER salons for facials. Sophia at Exquisite salon is the ONLY person that was knowledgeable enough to find the reason for her allergy and give her the best facial ever. We will not go anywhere else. She breaks out and Exquisite Salon is the only place that can help her. I will never go anywhere else and highly recommend their kind ness and extremely knowledgeable services. I received a gift certificate is how I found them and had absolutely no problem with their services and I find the place very clean. I will not go anywhere else now.”



  • Grace M.

Update – 5/2/2013

“Great place!!  Beautiful surroundings, tranquil atmosphere, friendly staff and the BEST facial I’ve ever had.  Highly recommended! This is a beautiful spa and salon with a relaxing atmosphere!  The place is clean and the staff is… Read more »


  • Grace M.

Denver, CO


“This is a beautiful spa and salon with a relaxing atmosphere!  The place is clean and the staff is friendly and professional.  I’ve had several services including my BEST facial ever!  They use quality products and I really enjoy each visit.  Highly recommend!!!”




 Amelia C.

Reno, NV


“They know exactly what they’re doing. I have been anxious about getting my long hair cut for a while but they knew the perfect cut for my face shape and as it grows out it still looks fabulous!”



  • Cathy F.

Denver, CO


“I have been a regular at this salon for over a year now and have always had excellent service. Heather the receptionist is always friendly and very accommodating she always finds a way to fit me in. Kristy Kennedy has been cutting and coloring my hair since January she never disappoints. I have my hair colored and highlighted every 6 to 7 weeks and cut every 9 to 10 weeks. I got a lot of compliments on my hair especially the color since Kristy has been doing her magic on my hair. I would highly recommend Exquisite Salon to anyone looking for a great full service spa you cannot go wrong here.”




 Christine B.

Littleton, CO


“I was searching for a new salon online today and came across Exquisite Salon and Spa.  I had driven by several times, had a coupon and thought I would give it a try.
Christy cut my hair and quickly understood the cut I wanted and advised me if it would work for me.
Christy did a phenomenal job on my hair.  I emerged with a new short, layered hairdo that I really wanted.
Heather at the front desk greeted my warmly.
My experience with Exquisite Salon was very comfortable, giving me the cut I wanted at an affordable price with the coupon.  I would highly recommend Exquisite Salon and Spa and, in particular, Christy Kennedy. Chris B.”





  • E F.

Golden, CO


“This salon is named appropriately! I have had an ” exquisite” experience every time I have visited the salon in the past year. The business is impeccably clean and the staff is friendly and helpful.   I always have Linda style my hair – she is very talented and pays attention to detail. I’ve had a few massages there and each time has been awesome.”




  • Rose B.

Aurora, CO


“This is the BEST salon and spa in town!  Beautiful salon and spa, relaxing environment, friendly and professional staff, lovely decor, and a wide variety of services all performed by knowledgeable experts.  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every single minute of each visit.  Highly recommended!!”

5 stars Jean H — Customer since 2012

Had a massage and facial, both were WONDERFUL! Excellent staff and extremely knowledgeable.. I’m going back for Co2 laser treatment, and Zerona.. Can’t wait…Call and schedule appt. for whatever is needed, you won’t be disappointed! Jean Holmes


4 stars Anonymous — Verified customer

My microdermabrasion facial was very well done by Sofia. She paid particular attention to making it a relaxing experience. She also gave informative suggestions with regard to other treatments available and future maintenance.


4 stars Anonymous — Verified customer

I have enjoyed the cleanliness, professionalism and services with Sophya.


4 stars Karin S — Customer since 2013

Eyebrow and lip wax; best results iI ever had. Love my eyes now,. She was sweet and fast. Will go to her from now on.


5 stars Anonymous — Verified customer

I appreciated the head massage with the shampoo. I also appreciated the stylist to listening to me with my concerns regarding my hair.


Dee D — Customer since 2013

The pedicure and massage were the best we’ve ever had!!! And everyone is so nice! Great prices too!

Just had the CO2 fractional laser treatment done for at least 1/3 the price! Looking forward to looking 5 to 10 years younger! I’m definitely bringing my family and friends here!


5 stars Marsha P — Customer since 2011

“I first went to Exquisite Nov. 2012 for Zerona. I lost 13 lbs. and 15 3/4 in. I have only been over weight when pregnant. I love the results, I’m going back for sculpting and a little more weight lose. I am going also for CO2 laser treatment for face and stretch marks. At close to 60 I will have the best looking body I will every had in my life. Best decision of my life. Thank you”

4 stars Amanda D Customer since 2012

“Everything was great and I left feeling relaxed and pampered.”

5 stars Lauren A. J — Customer since 2008

“Sofiya is the greatest i will always come back.”


5 stars Jeannette A — Customer since 2013

“Jolene does magic with my hair. I’m so glad I found her at your salon. Now I don’t want to go anywhere else.”

5 stars Jolene F — Customer since 2013

“First experience for a massage. It was great. Relaxing and so very worth it. Thank you”


4 stars Natasha V — Customer since 2013

“I am very pleased with the treatment I received when I had my eywe brows done. Thank you.

I will certainly refer any one that I know.”


4 stars Anonymous — Verified customer

“I had Sophia do an ultrasound facial. I loved the experience and the results. I would definitely do it again.”


5 stars Anonymous — Verified customer

“Wonderful service!”


5 stars Anonymous — Verified customer

“The Service is wonderful. The Owners are very gracious with a lot of knowledge and helped with the new experience of Colon therapy.”


5 stars Renee M Customer since 2012

“Having my mind set to make some lifestyle changes, I had 6 sessions of Zerona and I followed the daily diet plan as instructed by Sofiya. I am STILL amazed that I lost 16.25 inches and 5 lbs. That was back in February of this year (2013), and I have kept off every inch and pound. The advice Sofiya gave me throughout the process was priceless. The experience was life changing.”

5 stars Richard K — Customer since 2011

“Excellent as always! Thank you!”


5 stars Rose B — Customer since 2010

“I’ve been a client for years and every visit has been absolutely wonderful. Courteous and professional staff, relaxing atmosphere, clean environment. Every service has been superb. Truly an exquisite experience!”