HCG Diet

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Human Chorionic Gonadotropin or HCG is a form of hormone naturally produced by pregnant women. This hormone process is combined with a 500 calorie restrictive diet that is overseen by a medical doctor. Though the diet’s primary goal is to reduce the fat content in the central parts of the human body, the secondary goal is focused on the maintenance of the body weight the moment the dieting period finishes. So by doing the maintenance phase on the HCG diet you’ll be able to find what foods work for you and what don’t, allowing you to make lasting changes that will keep the weight off forever.


The HCG Diet protects the body’s muscle tissue and adjusts the body’s chemistry resulting in pure fat loss. This results in fairly rapid shrinking in inches and clothing size. The end result is a leaner body with more muscle and less fatty tissue along with a strongermetabolism and hopefully weight loss that stays long after the diet has come to an end.

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